The Enigma of Rennes-le-Château

In the second half of the 19th century, lots of things happened in the area around Rennes-le-Château. Several things were discovered during the renovation of the local church, which resulted in a fantastic adventure for its discoverer, abbé Béranger Saunière.

Other colleges were involved: Henri Boudet, curé of Rennes-les-Bains and Antoine Gélis, curé of Coustaussa are the most interesting ones. What secret did they share? It is still subject of many discussions world wide, but there are several clues that it has something to do with a number of surprising, up till then unknown new biblical data on the 1st century, the history of the village which was once and important citadel called Rhedae during the Visigoth period, several family secrets of the noble families of Rennes who lived in the castle, and the discovery of one or more tombs in the area.

It is an exiting story with fascinating details on local archaeology, the Celts and their cromlechs, Geometry and Hermetica, Visigoths and Carolingians, pilgrim roads to Santiago de Compostella, the Knights Templars and the lucrative trade in relics, the royalists of around 1900, the rise of the Sacred Heart cult, and yes, traces of Mary Magdalene...

The village has (apart from lovely shops and a few small restaurants) several interesting sites, such as the castle of the Lords of Rennes, the museum with the Domaine of Saunière, the Tour Magdala, the Villa Bethania and the church of St. Mary Magdalene (monument), in which several clues are hidden, which can only be discovered by the visitor who pays attention...

Guided tours
We offer guided tours in and around Rennes-le-Château, and are able to organise walks to the Magdalan cave, the Devil's Chair (or Throne of Isis) and the Roque Tremblant, as well as full day tours which combine Coustaussa and its capittels (early christian "beehive" houses), Rennes-les-Bains and Rennes-le-Château.

If you have special wishes, we will always try to meet them. Tours around the mystery of Rennes-le-Château are very popular, because the exact data and location of the places attached to the mystery are not so easy to find in books. The tours (guide only) start at 75,- Euros per day excl. lunch and entrance fees. If you need a car and a chauffeur as well, then tours start at 125,- Euros per day excl. lunch and entrance fees. Also possible for groups.

Anneke Koremans (guide Rennes-le-Château)
Barinca Travel & Tourism

Under the nom de plume of Jeanne D'Août I have written a thriller called "White Lie" about the secrets of Occitania, the Knights Templar, the Cathars, Rennes-le-Chateau and relic hunter Otto Rahn. More info:


With Henry Lincoln

Antoine Captier and his wife Claire Corbu.
Founders of "Terre de Rhedae".

With Henry Lincoln studying the geometry
in the landscape around Rennes-le-Château

At the opening of the restored museum, april 2009.
With Henry Lincoln, Paul Rouelle and others.